Hello again, friends!

I haven’t had a lot to say, as some of you know, real life really kicked wifey and I in the teeth over the past couple of weeks, so it has been quite a somber time to say the least. ¬†I have been active a bit, though, so I felt I should give you fine folks a report before I completely lose my gracious audience! ūüôā

Most of my activity has been on my “alt”, which in essence is my industry “main.” ¬†As most of you know, I tried doing the “solo corporation” for a while, but I gave it up the other day as I simply need to meet some people to fly with and increase my enjoyment of the game on ALL of my accounts!

I met an amazing person by the name of Laudenum Hayes shortly after I disbanded my corporation. ¬†I’ll also say that for as amazing a person as he is, just showing respect to your fellow players will get you somewhere. ¬†I had flown into an asteroid belt in <SYSTEM REDACTED>¬†and saw a group of three miners plying their trade. ¬†I sent a message to the person in their command vessel asking if they would mind if I shared the rocks with them.

Not only could I share the rocks, but I was nearly immediately invited to fleet, which boosted my productivity, of course. ¬†I found out that the group was actually a one-character mining setup right then, and that they had their own corporation. ¬†I explained my situation, that while I was not a new player, I had “rerolled my life” and was starting to look for other industrial pilots to fly with.

Laudenum proceeded to give me a goodly amount of ISK for any newer player, along with a goodly amount of ship BPC’s to aid in my industrial quest. ¬†I made it clear that while I appreciated this, that it wouldn’t affect me in corporate recruitment. ¬†It really didn’t, his attitude did, and I joined the corporation shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, Laudenum told me, his corporation doesn’t often do a whole ton if he isn’t there. ¬†They had just completed a four-month run of industry and now it was time for PVP. ¬†I tried to stay in the corporation for the next two days, but no one else came on to fly with me. ¬†We discussed it and Laudenum told me that the corporation completely understood if I needed to move on to “greener pastures.”

I have moved on, but not before I told Laudenum that I value friendship over corporate affiliation, and would gladly shoot rocks with them anyday! ¬†Before moving along, I also learned that Laudenum is also making their way in EvE Media with a successful podcast. ¬†You can follow Laudenum at @RandomMcnally1 on Twitter, and make sure to check out their podcast “High Drag” of which Laudenum is a co-host! ¬†They were editing their *50TH*¬†podcast when we spoke, so please make sure you check out this fine media brought to you by a fine person!



I joined the corporation recruitment channel for the first time on my industry main, and honestly for one of the first times ever. ¬†In a way, I’m regretting that I ever did it at all… but let me shed some light on why!

I posted a message that I then copied to my clipboard so I could repeat the message to the recruitment channel every 10 minutes or so. ¬†My message read “Low-skill INDY main seeks DEDICATED industrial corporation! ¬†Not a new player, but have fully rerolled and am looking to grow with an established industry corporation. ¬†Feel free to contact me through Evemail or convo me, but please, serious inquiries ONLY!”

OMG, what a shitshow that was. ¬†I was instantly invited to three corporations, two of which did not have any industry arm whatsoever. ¬†The other was a fully indy corporation… with two members.

Another corporation, which I will also save the embarrassment of naming, had their lead recruiter contact me. ¬†Now, this corporation has a full industry arm at least — but the deception they attempted to use in their recruiting progress was very disrespectful.

When I begin researching a corporation, I actually RESEARCH and do my due diligence. ¬†Is your corp in an alliance, and if so, are either the corporation or the alliance warlike? ¬†In this case, is industry a main focus of this corporation or alliance — or will I be treated as a second-class citizen, expected to drop everything to hop in a T1 frigate to blow up for a war? ¬†What is the tax rate? ¬†In this case, this is what drew my ire…

The group in question had a startling 12.7% tax rate! ¬†One of the first questions I asked was about the tax rate, which I was told “did not apply to indy members.” ¬†Well, unfortunately, I’m not stupid. ¬†There was no separate corporation, which meant that of course that tax rate would apply to me!!! ¬†They said the 12.7% covered T1 ships with T2 fits lost in fleet ops only. ¬†Granted, I don’t do a lot of activities that would take a corporate tax, but I do some… and nearly 13% is ridiculous for what they were offering. ¬†Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I’ve never seen a successful EVE corp with a tax rate that high.

So, in essence, I was going to be taxed at a level nearly 2% higher than the NPC corporation, and my benefit would be a ship-replacement program that I would likely never be participating in! ¬†It also seemed like this person was told not to take no from an answer from newer recruits, as he was extremely pushy. ¬†“So, are you interested, I kind of need to know. ¬†You should join TS with me immediately, or this opportunity might not be available to you.” ¬†Etc, etc, so on and so forth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know a LOT of people are stupid, and this kind of tactic probably works on a lot of people… but if you are a solid corporation, what is the rush? ¬†For one, I’m a self-sufficient player who doesn’t need a SRP, and is just looking for some people to fly with and start working on building an industrial empire together!

Basically, it all boils down to respect, recruiters. ¬†I might be a lower-skill player, but i have knowledge a normal newbro doesn’t possess (not that I’m Einstein, but shit!) ¬†READ what a player says… see what they are looking for. ¬†Why would you want someone whose goals do not mesh with the goals of your corporation!?!?

I plan on going back into New Eden after I finish this blog post and tweet it out, and I plan on staying in recruitment, as I’m still looking for a great indy corporation for my secondary main. ¬†However, I’m hopeful that my evening goes better than my day in that regard.

I’ve ranted long enough, its good to be back writing! ¬†Hope everyone has been well, and thanks as always for following and reading!


This weekend was a very productive one for both of my toons!

My corporate free agency with Lyric was a short one.  As exploration was my early focus, joining a solid exploration corporation was definitely high on my wish list, and I found what I was looking for in the New Jovian Exploration Department!

I obviously don’t wish to give out any intel, but the corporation is in an alliance and lives/operates from a static wormhole. ¬†While there was a problem with some daytrippers when I first arrived, it has been a very safe and positive experience. ¬†Even as a former player, I’ve learned things already that I didn’t know at any point in my career until now.

One of the big things that I want to share with you is an EvE App called Tripwire, available at http://tripwire.eve-apps.com. ¬†The free application advertises itself as “The Greatest Wormhole Mapper Ever” and just seeing a little bit of what it does makes it hard to argue. ¬†It is API-driven and uses both your information and that of your corpmates to map out what has been observed in your wormholes. ¬†It is well worth your time to look at and get more information to see how you can use it for your own purposes — and I’ll definitely cover it in more detail once I have more experience with the app!

It is an adjustment knowing that my route to and through high sec will be different daily, but in my eyes, that is part of the adventure.


I haven’t done a whole ton on Slim other than doing some mining with my new retriever while I skill more towards fitting it with T2 modules. ¬†I’ve mainly just been mining when the wife and I have been watching television and I don’t want to have my *full* attention on EvE. ¬†I don’t believe in “AFK mining” — I may not always have my total attention on the game, but I’m always there if something is happening. ¬†I play on a big-screen television and we have another big-screen in the bedroom for television/DVD. ¬†With a gaming-supportive spouse, its an extremely good setup and I highly recommend it for other “gamer couples.” ¬†We’re always together but we can have our differing interests right in the place we are most comfortable!

I’ve been making more hauling trips on Slim, though — and I’m anxious to begin his trading skills in more detail. ¬†I need to build up capital, but station trading will be a large portion of my income in the future — as well as a focus of this blog in the future — so I am very eager to get going on that part of my training plan!

One thing I do want to stress for those newer pilots out there is again, don’t be afraid to alter your skill plans when you see something you’re missing. ¬†For instance, I know that I’ll need more drone capabilities than I have that I wasn’t necessarily anticipating early on, but I am taking care of it now because it makes sense. ¬† I’ve mentioned it in a previous entry, but I don’t endorse making LARGE changes to a skillplan, after all, that was what you wanted to do when you set up. ¬†I am strictly speaking of adjusting to situations on the fly where you know you need something and it will help you immediately!

One thing that newer pilots on their first trip into EvE tend to forget is that once you’ve trained something, it is trained forever. ¬†So, I’ll have these enhanced drone capabilities for use no matter what I do — very rarely is a training ever going to truly be a wasted training for you.


In real life news, since some of you have said you’d like to hear snippets of real things. ¬†My former classmate that I mentioned passed away in a previous entry had his fundraiser complete. ¬†Through GoFundMe, $15,000 was raised in one day to give him a proper service and burial and allow his children to say goodbye in a proud way. ¬†I mentioned this a few days ago in passing, and I just wanted to let people know that there is still kindness in this world, even if all too often it is spurned by tragedy. ūüė¶

I hope you are having a fine day or evening as you read this post, and that it finds you well. ¬†Until next time, take care and try to pay a kindness forward today — making someone’s day is still one of the best things you can do!

Welcome back to Lyric’s Wormhole everyone, and thank you for reading, as always!

Today I’ll be writing about corporate “free agency” — which is something I hadn’t planned on joining, but times change as New Eden is a very fluid place, and EvE Online is a very fluid experience!

I had originally started a “solo” corporation for my main character here in Lyric, and once I added my second account and brought Slim Charles to life, it was a corporation of two. ¬†Now, I actually liked having it this way, as it does have some advantages for someone with multiple toons that don’t have corporations to join.

First, you get a second wallet for your corporation, with 8 different divisions. ¬†This would enable you to have different portions of your corporate wallet for saving for different things, for instance. ¬†It also allowed both of my toons, in this case, to use one wallet for both of their purchases. ¬†This made it simple to keep one chunk of money when I knew I’d be spending for both characters at different times.

Secondly, if you rent an office in a station, you are given corporate item hangars, also with divisions.  This was allowing me to separate different items such as Refined Minerals, Ore, Exploration Loot, Ships, Blueprints, etc.  It made it very easy to share items between characters.

Third and perhaps least important is the ability to set your own corporate tax rate.  The NPC Corporations all charge an 11% tax rate.  Especially as a newbro, with limited resources, this 11% can really add up if you are doing missioning or other things where the corporate tax rate comes into effect.

Now, of course there are disadvantages to having a small, solo corporation. ¬†You can be wardecced by other corporations, which can REALLY put a damper on peaceful high-sec ventures. ¬†Also owning your own corporation, without opening up your membership, can be extremely lonely. ¬†I wasn’t worried about this as I hang out with the GREAT people of http://eve-radio.com¬†in their public channel, Eve-Radio.

None of this had anything to do with why I disbanded my corporation. ¬†I am joining Factional Warfare to add an additional ISK stream for my characters. ¬†I’ve been involved in FW on my previous voyage into New Eden, and found it enjoyable. ¬†People have advised me that FW can definitely be as profitable as it has been in the past, so I decided to join up, which would have put poor Slim at risk. ¬†I don’t need my trading and resource-gathering alt having to deal with war — so I decided to disband the corporation.

At least for the time being, I’ve joined the Tribal Liberation Force and am simply waiting for my corporate stasis to end so I can begin taking part, but the fun part is that I actually am a true corporate “free agent” on both of my toons, now. ¬†While my predominant focus coming into EvE was on business, I have long wanted to possibly join a SOV alliance, and being a free agent gives me the opportunity to find a corporation that may meet everything I want long-term.

One of the biggest things I can say to a “newbro” is NOT to rush into a corporation, because nearly everyone will advise you to get out of the NPC or “noobie” corporation as soon as possible, so you can get out there with other pilots. ¬†I will say that one thing worse than being in the NPC corp is being in the WRONG corporation, so make sure you do your due diligence and research before applying for a corporation. ¬†Make sure that they are a solid corporation that isn’t just going to disband tomorrow, and that they offer what you want. ¬†If you want to strictly be a miner and businessman, well, it’s not going to be a good idea to join a null PVP corp. ¬†You would think this would be obvious, but you see so many people that complain that they didn’t have fun in their corporation, even though that corporation never offered them anything they wanted in the first place.

To those reading my blog or following me on Twitter, I am definitely open to being recruited to quality corporations. ¬†Obviously, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that both Lyric and Slim are recent re-rolls, but that I am a veteran player from the past and not your usual “newbro.” ¬†I am interested MAINLY in the business aspects of the game, with my initial plan being a complete indy and business main — but I have adjusted my overall plan because I know I just can’t stay away from combat aspects of the game.

I am interested in industry, research, trade, and exploration — but I am training my core ship skills first to make myself a viable PVP’er. ¬†I am interested in both Factional and SOV warfare, and consider myself very well-spoken and my true hope is to eventually use my diplomatic skills from my political science background to make a difference in the political aspects of the game. ¬†I’ve got my second account working on resource gathering and processing, and will be able to use that to cover more business aspects that Lyric may not have, and I’ll be looking for a quality corporation to ply his trade in as well!

(You’ll see in that paragraph above that I know what I want to get from EVE! ¬†You should have an idea what YOU are trying to get from EVE as well so you can make the most informed choice you can on which corporation to join!)

Anyway, I guess my main point is that if you are a corporate free agent like me, that you shouldn’t rush into a decision on joining a corporation. ¬†Make sure that it is going to be a “win-win” for both you and the corporation you will join, and make sure its going to be somewhere you can be happy long-term. ¬†No one likes a corp-hopper!

Until next time, everyone — FLY SAFE and o7!

P.S. — For corporation leaders/recruiters who may see this post, if I sound of interest to you, feel free to contact me through DM on Twitter at @LyricEve or in game, where my name is Lyric Masters! ¬†Look forward to hearing from you!

I knew today was going to be a crappy day from the minute I woke up. ¬†First of all, I got woken up by something about three hours earlier than normal and couldn’t get back to sleep.

So, I decided to play EVE, knowing that I had a three-hour U-Verse window because things haven’t been running right.

When has a cable repairman ever been EARLY for the window?

I got blown up after my first hack in a data site, returned to dock, and had to logout because the repair guy was 2 hours early for his repair window.
Then, I found out an old classmate passed away unexpectedly, and had to take care of some messaging and what not because there is a fundraiser. ¬†I run our high school’s memorial group, so people tend to look to me when bad things happen. ūüė¶ ¬†Anyway, I tried to get a nap earlier — so I haven’t played too much EVE at all today.

I know I’m about a full day out from Small Projectile Turret V on Lyric, and Slim will be able to start piloting a Procurer by the morning hours of the 12th of February… so things should be getting a bit more fun around here. ¬†I decided to pick up some weapon and ship skills to open up Factional Warfare as an ISK/fun option before I go into my Covert Ops training and then industry and research on Lyric. ¬†I think it will prove to be time well spent.

Once I’m in the Procurer on Slim I’m going to work on his trade skills to make him a competent station trader.

A few more weeks of training and I think we’ll be into some real “meat and potatoes” style posts around here, and I greatly appreciate all of you that have followed me so far, both here and on Twitter! ¬†I’ve said it on Twitter already, but I vow to do everything I can to inform and entertain you — and I am currently looking at either a four or a five-day blogging schedule. ¬†I’d definitely like to have something that you can rely upon to read, but I’ve got to find my way a bit first. ¬†Thanks again for following along!

Hey everyone, and thanks as always for reading!

I had mentioned in my last post that I was going to do a small write-up or guide on Exploration and how you can use it to make ISK, without a ton of skill or ISK investment! ¬† A lot of the good information out there on this topic is incredibly outdated, and while some of it is still good, I’m going to try to make a quick and easy tutorial on how to begin making ISK using scanning from an early point in your career! ¬†PLEASE NOTE: ¬†This is NOT a guide on how to actually DO the scanning, this is a guide in how to make the skills work for you. ¬†You will need to understand how to scan signatures, which this tutorial will not cover. ¬†(Perhaps in the future…)

One common thing that I think befalls a lot of EvE pilots is they feel that their training has to be completed in an area before they will even attempt to use their skills. ¬†For instance, a lot of guides out there on this topic recommend a Covert Ops ship before you start your exploration ventures. ¬†While Covert Ops is a great skill, and necessary on probably all explorer pilots at some point, it definitely isn’t necessary to start using your skills!

I had initially planned to start off with another type of “ISK-stream” to start my new career, but after reading and chatter with some other friendly pilots when I came back — along with some work in EVEMon, I decided to go with exploration skills after the tutorials and some basic hauling skills.

Here are the skills you will NEED to begin making some money off of exploration:

Science IV is your main prerequisite!

Astrometrics III (The main scanning skill)
Archaeology III (#1 ISK skill)
Hacking III (#2 ISK skill)
Survey III (Pre-requisite)
Hull Upgrades II
Racial Frigate III

You could legitimately start your scanning career from there.  I would recommend at least Level III in all of these skills, but this is the absolute floor to getting into exploration as an ISK-making venture.  ALL of these initial skills should be raised to Level IV as soon as possible (EDIT: except Survey and Hull Upgrades, not that important), but how you have to prioritize your skills is going to be ultimately up to you.

(Special Note: You can actually start out with just Archaeology or Hacking trained up, but I would train both up as fast as possible to where you can track down and complete both Relic AND Data sites.)

Let me add the other scanning-related skills that you are going to want to get ASAP, as well:

Astrometric Acquisition
Astrometric Rangefinding
Astrometric Pinpointing (This is the hardest skill to get as far as pre-requisites!)

Non-Scanning Priorities:

Cloaking (The sooner you get a cloak on your ship, the safer you can make things.)
Afterburner III (You are going to want to fit Micro-Warp Drives!)
Jury Rigging III
Astrometric Rigging I (But go to III at least, its quick!)

The rigging skills will allow you to add Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrades rigs to improve your actual scanning of signatures, for example, or a rig such as an Emission Scope Sharpener which will help you while using your Relic Analyzer module!

The most important thing to realize is that while I’ve mentioned that most people go to Covert Ops ships (or they go for the Sisters of Eve ships) you totally CAN do this in a T1 frigate. ¬†MAKE SURE you can afford to lose whatever you are going scanning in, obviously — but that should go without saying in New Eden. ¬†You’ve heard it a thousand times, NEVER fly what you cannot afford to lose.

Now, being out there in a T1 frigate with a limited cloak or no cloak in lowsec or nullsec is DANGEROUS (or even wormholes, but I do NOT recommend this at all, because you can get trapped very easily if you do not know what you are doing) but your ship also is not very costly.

It is definitely a risk/reward scenario — but I’ve already made enough ISK to replace my Probe 50 times in very limited exploration time just from doing relic and data sites. ¬†I have lost ONE ship in the last ten days or so that I’ve really been doing this seriously, and that was in nullsec and I was deep in a hack and missed seeing the drop on d-scan. ¬†Even that pilot, because I gave him no tears and because he saw I was new, wound up giving me 10M ISK and I didn’t even converse with him.

Just GET OUT THERE AND LEARN… don’t listen to the bitter vet who might suggest that you stay docked or mine or whatever but actually getting out there in your frigate and learning to scan while making some money. ¬†The worst thing that is going to happen is you are going to lose your ship, and maybe get podded. ¬†You can also make a good deal of ISK, and if you are careful, you can do it quite safely.

Pretty much any relic site you track down and hack is going to pay to replace at least a few of your ships were you to lose them. ¬†Do not be scared to get blown up, because it is EvE, you are going to get blown up. ¬†Just insure your ship after you’ve made sure you can afford to lose it, and go out there and make some damned ISK. ¬†You might wind up hitting one of the huge exploration loots and pay for 100 of your ships in one site.

Anyway, I hope this helps you get started, and I was just drafting this post from my head while looking at the client, so I reserve the right to add to and alter it later to make it more efficient or helpful for you — or if I’ve happened to make a mistake. ¬†PLEASE, if you have ANY questions, feel free to leave a comment here, and I will ALWAYS respond, or you can contact me in New Eden at Lyric Masters — or on Twitter at @LyricEvE!

THANKS as always for reading, and fly safe! o7

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I do plan on expounding on the differences between high, low, null, and WH scanning and how this quick plan affects the viability and/or danger of the plan, but I am going to do it in another post. ¬†I just wanted you readers to know that I have thought about this after posting and I may not have given you ENOUGH information, especially if you are a true “newbro.” ¬†Don’t think I will leave you hanging, and please feel free to ask ANY questions you may have if I didn’t cover something — if I don’t have an answer, I will get an answer from a person of authority. ¬†That’s why I’m here!) ¬†ūüėÄ

Welcome back, everyone!

I’m going to start getting more into the nuts-and-bolts of everyday EvE play here, but first I wanted to touch on the issue of character planning and development, especially for a new toon. ¬†As I’ve said previously, I have prior EvE Online experience, so the amazing learning cliff of this game was not as much a consideration on this voyage into New Eden.

That isn’t to say you don’t learn something new everyday as a pilot. ¬†Generally, you do — and will continue to learn throughout your career. ¬†However, especially early on, you want to try to have some type of plan for your character so you can be most efficient with your training. ¬†I’ll go over some background and then the thought process behind my plan.

First of all, I have a deal with my wife that because we are on a fixed income that we can budget ONE paid account for the game. ¬†I can basically keep my main account in perpetuity without ever worrying about PLEXing the account. ¬†However, if I would like multiple accounts on my voyage, they have to be paid in ISK. ¬†My wife is incredibly gaming-supportive, as she knows that due to a multitude of injuries, many of my old hobbies are unavailable to me anymore. ¬†So, if I want more than one pilot, I have to EARN it. ¬†This gives me a GOAL, and even though I’m not highly roleplaying intensive, it gives me a chance to bring my “progeny” to the world, or other creative character development. ūüôā

Goals are extremely important in EvE, especially since the game won’t tell you what your goals are!

So, knowing that I want more than one pilot, I took what would have been my next account payment, and instead used the buddy program to get the month on my main account, but get a fully paid pilot to begin his training for 51 days as an alt!  That now gives me a decent amount of time on two fully-training toons to begin setting up ISK streams!

Lyric was made with the intent of being an industry and business tycoon. ¬†I am most interested in the economic and industrial aspects of this game, and how its amazing market works and is 100% affected by in-game events. ¬†So, when I was making my plan, “How does this fit in with my overall goal for this character?” was a very common question.

I had fair skills as a scanner on my last foray into New Eden, and I had heard great things about exploration as a career path due to changes that were made during my absence from the game.  I had initially planned for Lyric to go into Planetary Interaction directly after training up some basic hauling and rigging skills to pilot industrial ships around, but I changed my mind after some reading and decided to use Exploration as my initial ISK making venture on this character.

The second character, which I started a few days later, is intended solely to support and augment my main.  Now, that may change in the future, as some of the things I like doing on Slim Charles may be things I enjoy more.  Everything is very fluid, but with me planning on going into both industry and research on Lyric, I sent Slim for a mining barge right off rip, except for getting him some basic industrial piloting skills as well.

If I have one major tip for anyone looking to plan out their characters, you should absolutely have EVEMon, available at¬†http://evemon.battleclinic.com/¬†— it is a must for making skill plans, and it will also help you out greatly with remapping your attributes, which you should absolutely NOT DO unless you know what you are doing. ¬†Remaps are very precious things, and you want to make sure that you are going to use them in the most efficient manner for your character.

I have nearly Lyric’s full first year already planned out in EVEMon, and even though I advocate having a plan and having goals — don’t be afraid to stray a bit if you make a long plan if it is for a skill you find you need while you are piloting and enjoying yourself in New Eden. ¬†Just try to maintain your overall goal for your toon, and don’t stray too much from what you’ve planned out! ¬†Obviously, if you didn’t want to try it, you probably wouldn’t have the skills in the plan!

This post is getting a bit rambly now, so I won’t go into anything on how I planned out my early exploration skills at this point, but instead I’ll be posting very soon a small guide on getting a quickstart into exploration that is more 2015 current than a lot of what is out there right now. ¬†Please look for that to come!

THANK YOU for reading, and I hope you are working hard toward attaining YOUR goals in EvE!

I’m not a “roleplayer” in MMO’s, not really.

But, I want to be straight with my viewership.  I am roleplaying a female character in this game, as I am a man.

However, one of the biggest reasons people play EvE is because it is basically one gigantic social engineering experiment.  I know from personal experience that men treat women differently, and women treat men differently, and everyone treats everyone else differently.  In a game in which your social standing or who you portray yourself to be has real meaning, its dreadfully important.

Another important “roleplay” consideration. ¬†I’m not a thief, but if an amazing chance to thieve something appears IN THE GAME? ¬†I’m probably going to take it. ¬†Remember, we are talking about a game in which scamming and getting an edge on your competition by pretty much any means outside of hacking the game client is LEGAL.

If no one ever roleplayed the bad guy, then there wouldn’t be any bad guys!

Now, I’m not saying that Lyric is going to be a bad chick. ¬†I’m incredibly civil in most public channels I would ever appear in, although I pretty much only hang out in EvE-Radio right now. ¬†But she’s going to be an incredibly shrewd and ruthless businesswoman and pilot, and I’m sure if an advantageous situation presents itself — she is probably going to take it.

Anyway, I wanted to be clear with the readers up front, because I have no reason to mislead you, you’re being cool enough to check out what I write.

My wife actually designed Lyric’s appearance, and I finished off setting up the portrait.

For the record, I’ve already have two people send 10M ISK out in space, one because I “seemed really nice and maybe new!” ¬† Mind you, no one has asked me or made any reference to my gender — but its definitely more interesting than in the past when my name might have been along the lines of Billy Club. I never had people just randomly drop my male characters ISK in space. ¬†(No, I never played a toon named Billy Club, and if someone has — it isn’t me, and I’m not trying to steal his thunder or anything of the sort. ¬†My buddy used to always use that as his character name in all his video games. ¬†“Imma go get my BILLY CLUB AND MURK YOU!!!”)

Anyway, this post had dual purposes — both for me not to have to try to dance around the issue for thousands of posts, and to get something out there that reminds people that we’re playing a video game, and its alright to play a bad guy, and its alright to play a character of the opposing gender. ¬†You’re supposed to escape from reality in video games. ¬†Do it. ¬†I know some of you will never be able to be that guy who turns his back on all of his friends as he gets away with a 400B ISK theft, and I don’t know if I could either — but the people pulling off the theft are still just playing a game. ¬†A very perilous and crazy dangerous game for the player, but its still just a game.

Remember that.