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Posted: March 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Hello again, friends!

I haven’t had a lot to say, as some of you know, real life really kicked wifey and I in the teeth over the past couple of weeks, so it has been quite a somber time to say the least.  I have been active a bit, though, so I felt I should give you fine folks a report before I completely lose my gracious audience! 🙂

Most of my activity has been on my “alt”, which in essence is my industry “main.”  As most of you know, I tried doing the “solo corporation” for a while, but I gave it up the other day as I simply need to meet some people to fly with and increase my enjoyment of the game on ALL of my accounts!

I met an amazing person by the name of Laudenum Hayes shortly after I disbanded my corporation.  I’ll also say that for as amazing a person as he is, just showing respect to your fellow players will get you somewhere.  I had flown into an asteroid belt in <SYSTEM REDACTED> and saw a group of three miners plying their trade.  I sent a message to the person in their command vessel asking if they would mind if I shared the rocks with them.

Not only could I share the rocks, but I was nearly immediately invited to fleet, which boosted my productivity, of course.  I found out that the group was actually a one-character mining setup right then, and that they had their own corporation.  I explained my situation, that while I was not a new player, I had “rerolled my life” and was starting to look for other industrial pilots to fly with.

Laudenum proceeded to give me a goodly amount of ISK for any newer player, along with a goodly amount of ship BPC’s to aid in my industrial quest.  I made it clear that while I appreciated this, that it wouldn’t affect me in corporate recruitment.  It really didn’t, his attitude did, and I joined the corporation shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, Laudenum told me, his corporation doesn’t often do a whole ton if he isn’t there.  They had just completed a four-month run of industry and now it was time for PVP.  I tried to stay in the corporation for the next two days, but no one else came on to fly with me.  We discussed it and Laudenum told me that the corporation completely understood if I needed to move on to “greener pastures.”

I have moved on, but not before I told Laudenum that I value friendship over corporate affiliation, and would gladly shoot rocks with them anyday!  Before moving along, I also learned that Laudenum is also making their way in EvE Media with a successful podcast.  You can follow Laudenum at @RandomMcnally1 on Twitter, and make sure to check out their podcast “High Drag” of which Laudenum is a co-host!  They were editing their *50TH* podcast when we spoke, so please make sure you check out this fine media brought to you by a fine person!



I joined the corporation recruitment channel for the first time on my industry main, and honestly for one of the first times ever.  In a way, I’m regretting that I ever did it at all… but let me shed some light on why!

I posted a message that I then copied to my clipboard so I could repeat the message to the recruitment channel every 10 minutes or so.  My message read “Low-skill INDY main seeks DEDICATED industrial corporation!  Not a new player, but have fully rerolled and am looking to grow with an established industry corporation.  Feel free to contact me through Evemail or convo me, but please, serious inquiries ONLY!”

OMG, what a shitshow that was.  I was instantly invited to three corporations, two of which did not have any industry arm whatsoever.  The other was a fully indy corporation… with two members.

Another corporation, which I will also save the embarrassment of naming, had their lead recruiter contact me.  Now, this corporation has a full industry arm at least — but the deception they attempted to use in their recruiting progress was very disrespectful.

When I begin researching a corporation, I actually RESEARCH and do my due diligence.  Is your corp in an alliance, and if so, are either the corporation or the alliance warlike?  In this case, is industry a main focus of this corporation or alliance — or will I be treated as a second-class citizen, expected to drop everything to hop in a T1 frigate to blow up for a war?  What is the tax rate?  In this case, this is what drew my ire…

The group in question had a startling 12.7% tax rate!  One of the first questions I asked was about the tax rate, which I was told “did not apply to indy members.”  Well, unfortunately, I’m not stupid.  There was no separate corporation, which meant that of course that tax rate would apply to me!!!  They said the 12.7% covered T1 ships with T2 fits lost in fleet ops only.  Granted, I don’t do a lot of activities that would take a corporate tax, but I do some… and nearly 13% is ridiculous for what they were offering.  Maybe that’s just my opinion, but I’ve never seen a successful EVE corp with a tax rate that high.

So, in essence, I was going to be taxed at a level nearly 2% higher than the NPC corporation, and my benefit would be a ship-replacement program that I would likely never be participating in!  It also seemed like this person was told not to take no from an answer from newer recruits, as he was extremely pushy.  “So, are you interested, I kind of need to know.  You should join TS with me immediately, or this opportunity might not be available to you.”  Etc, etc, so on and so forth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know a LOT of people are stupid, and this kind of tactic probably works on a lot of people… but if you are a solid corporation, what is the rush?  For one, I’m a self-sufficient player who doesn’t need a SRP, and is just looking for some people to fly with and start working on building an industrial empire together!

Basically, it all boils down to respect, recruiters.  I might be a lower-skill player, but i have knowledge a normal newbro doesn’t possess (not that I’m Einstein, but shit!)  READ what a player says… see what they are looking for.  Why would you want someone whose goals do not mesh with the goals of your corporation!?!?

I plan on going back into New Eden after I finish this blog post and tweet it out, and I plan on staying in recruitment, as I’m still looking for a great indy corporation for my secondary main.  However, I’m hopeful that my evening goes better than my day in that regard.

I’ve ranted long enough, its good to be back writing!  Hope everyone has been well, and thanks as always for following and reading!


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